Sunday, April 10, 2011

*Insert a trumpet fanfare here* My first Thing is done!!

Yay me!

This morning, EDP and I went grocery shopping.  And I held my tongue about sales the entire time we were there.  It was very hard.

The pack of flyers has been sitting on the coffee table since Thursday.  Luckily, I had an exam to study for so I wasn't tempted too often.  But this morning, EDP started looking through them.  It was hard but I pulled through and didn't even peak.  We only went to one grocery store - the Zehrs around the corner where we do the majority of our shopping.  The beginning was fine because it was the fresh stuff.  We have to get that stuff whether it is on sale or not so I usually don't say much here. It's everything else that I struggle with.

The first obstacle was the ham.  Little hams are expensive.  I only ever buy them when they were on sale.  We bought one a few weeks ago when they were on sale, so there is on in the fridge.  But the sale today was REALLY good.  I had to grit my teeth and not say much for a while.  But EDP could tell there was something I had seen.  So he backtracked and eventually found the little hams.  He decided we would get one.  But it was his decision, not mine.

After that, things went okay for a bit.  The next hurdle was cottage cheese.  EDP asked me to grab a 2% for him.  Well, bless my heart - it was ON SALE!  But, they didn't have any 2% left.  Just 4%.  I didn't even ASK EDP if he wanted 4% instead, I just got a different brand and put it in the cart.

After that was the ice cream aisle.  I always check to see if Ben & Jerry's or Häagen-Dazs was on sale.  Well, I didn't today!  I didn't really look to see if the frozen entres EDP likes to take for lunch were on sale.  And I grabbed the bag of chips and put it in the cart before I saw the sale tag.  And when I did, I didn't say anything at all.  And it turns out the dirty look EDP gave me was because I wasn't getting the Dill Pickle flavour.

After that, things got a bit easier.  I think it was because I started looking straight ahead instead of at the food.  But I made it past the cheese (on sale!), the butter (on sale!) and the peanut butter (on sale!) all without pause.

But I think my biggest triumph was the ketchup.  We're low on ketchup.  We have enough to last until next week and shockingly, I haven't bought a replacement yet - it must not have been on sale.  Well, some of it was today.  But not the usual kind.  Just the low sodium kind.  Which we should probably get anyway since I'm obsessed with reducing our sodium intake.  But I thought if I suggested it, EDP would say it was just because it was on sale.  So when he pointed to it, my heart did a little jump for joy but I said it wasn't the usual kind.  But he said we should try it anyway.  And that's what went in the cart.

From then on, it was smooth sailing.  We skipped a few aisles that I'd normally drag EDP down to see if there were any good sales.  And soon, we were checking out.  All without me making a single comment about a sale.  I didn't stock up on anything today.  Our grocery bill was surprisingly low.  And there was nothing to put in the freezer or the pantry aside from that ham.

Will I continue with this lifestyle?  No way.  I think it's stupid not to buy stuff when it's on sale.  But I did it once.  And I'm sure it's been EDP's favourite grocery shopping trip with me to date.

Oh, and I already have the $25 for finishing this in my new savings account...  I had to transfer a few dollars in when I set the account up so I'm on track with Thing 101!

In other news, I decided to start working on the perfect angel food cake.  I've got the first one in the oven now.  It's definitely not going to turn out.  I started to fold in my flour and I realized there was still some egg white at the bottom of the bowl that didn't get whipped.  Dammit!


  1. This is a comment from your dad, not me! Whinner...You should have been a writer instead of a project mgr. dad

  2. This comment better show up. *grr*

    Yay for getting your first thing done! I must ask... are you going back to buy some of those hams tonight?

    This part really surprised me: "Our grocery bill was surprisingly low."

  3. Oh, I just reread that and you did get a ham. Nevermind.