Monday, April 18, 2011

Nothing new finished but lots on the go...

The last week has been productive as far as my 101 Things go.

Over the past week, I initiated my first transfer from my GSOP to my TFSA.  I've also left a voicemail about my drum lessons (note to self: follow up with an email), set myself up on, donated some rice, set up a Kiva account, and checked out the gym with the squash courts around the corner from us.  On top of that, I have my first handwritten letter planned.  I should be able to get it written tonight and in the mail tomorrow.  Don't check your mailbox, it's not for you.  I also started on turning my handwriting into a font.  I found a couple of websites that do this and did a mock run on each of them to see which one produced the best quality.  I think I've decided which site to use but I have a feeling I'll be writing the alphabet out a lot before I get a final product I'm happy with.

I set out this past weekend to bake another angel food cake.  And I did.  This one went well - it was decent, and certainly edible.  But it was a bit overcooked and I wasn't completely happy with my egg whites.  I'm pretty sure our oven runs hot but I don't know by how much so I just kind of guess at how much to reduce the temperature when something goes in.  I need to get a thermometer before my next attempt.

So lots in progress but nothing else done yet.

This coming weekend should see 2 Things finished - my family is heading to NYC for the weekend so seeing a Broadway play in New York and breakfast at Tiffany's should be crossed off the list before long.

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