Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thing 4: Visit 4 provinces

First, let's be clear...  It's just the provinces, not the provinces & the territories.

Okay, I'm glad we cleared that up.  Let's discuss the provinces, then.

There are a lot of cool, diverse places and things in Canada. I figure I should see them.  My parents took my sister & I out East when I was really little but I don't remember much other than throwing up in the car and a pot of boiling lobsters.  So beyond Ontario, there's very little of Canada that I've seen.

I changed this to only 4 provinces part way through my list because visiting all 12 provinces was a bit too $$ intensive, which was in conflict with some of my other Things.

How will I know I'm done?
A visit means a bit more than just crossing the border. In order to consider a province visited, I'll have to make a point of actually visiting a specific thing in the province.  And to finish the entire Thing, I'll have visited something in each province.

How am I doing?
Well, I've seen a lot of Ontario - mostly because I live here but also from when I was doing recruitment for Queen's.  And in the summer of 2011, we drove out to Nova Scotia where I was able to cross off Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, leaving one province left for me to visit.

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  1. I really want to drive out West - that will be on my 101 things list when I get it up and running!! I'm hoping to maybe next summer, after I buy out my lease and hopefully have some money saved!!