Sunday, April 10, 2011

What I've already learned....

I've JUST finished making my list of 101 Things.  And man, it was hard.  I have probably looked at close to a hundred other blogs and lists over the last week to get ideas.  I still have to organize it into themes (that'll make it easier for me to find things, I figure) so it might still change.

Less than a week in, I've already learned a few things that I'll share, in case any of the half dozen people who have said they are thinking about doing this decide to take it on.

First, think about it for at least a week.  Start making your list so that you can see how many things you can come up with.  My first 20 or so came with no problems.  Once I hit 40, I had to start looking around at other people's lists.  Once I hit 80, I thought I was going to end up doing 80 Things in 808 Days.  I took a LOT of goals from other people - which I'm fine with but if you want to think of them all on your own, you'll need a while.  Thinking of the list is harder than it sounds - I thought of a lot of great stuff to put on it but when I actually thought about many of them, I either couldn't measure them or there was just a huge chance that I wouldn't be done in 1001 days (which is why you won't see finishing my second degree on there - with 8 courses left, that could take me just over a year to finish or it could take another 4.)  

Second, I've seen a lot of lists that are just plain bad, for lack of a better word.  I've seen a lot of lists that are 75% movies or just giant lists of spa treatments.  I've seen a lot of lists that are setting people up to fail - like a high school student with "Get into law school" on their list.  And you have to be careful not to make too many things dependent on other things.  I have a few but not a lot.  

Third (and I'll be doing this), give yourself a couple of "outs."  I've seen at least one list where about 10% had to be taken off because the person had sustained an injury and could no longer do some of the things on the list.  So, I'm going to allow myself to sub out up to 5 Things throughout the days if I find that there are Things that just aren't going to happen.  

Finally, I realize that there's a LOT of stuff that other people want to do that I've already done.  So I feel pretty happy with myself, in that respect.  With reading so many other lists, I've come across a lot of things that I would have loved to put on my list, except for the fact that I've done it already and it seemed wrong to put things on that I've already done.  Maybe my next 101 Things will be 101 Things to re-do :)

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