Monday, May 2, 2011

April 2011 Recap

I'm going to try to post a recap most at the end of each month - summarizing what I've finished and got on the go along with what's coming up in the next month.

So what did April bring?  Well, most importantly, it brought the beginning of my 101 Things.  I decided to take on the project, started this blog and wrote my list of 101 Things.  I started writing little explanations of each Thing and made some decent progress on getting those done.  Within a few days of getting my blog up, I had four people saying they'd be doing their own list so it looked like inspiring someone to set up their own list wasn't anything to worry about having on my list.

I got off to a running start - I got to work on setting up my TFSA accounts (one with a brokerage firm and one for my $25 for each thing finished) along with asking a couple of people for book recommendations.  I signed up on and started answering questions.  I'm up to 7510 grains so far, so a good start.  I also signed up for Kiva and made my first microloan.  And I heard about MapMyWalk and started using that to track how far I've walked with Penny (3.76 km so far - but remember, this is outside of our normal walks.) I also did a trial run on turning my handwriting into a font and will be ready to finish that one off soon. EDP and I also joined a gym so we can get back into playing squash.  BTW, we played the other day and I LEGITIMATELY WON A GAME.  No points carried over from a previous game, no points awarded for effort, and I only needed do-overs on a couple of serves.

I got started on some of the other Things that will be ongoing for most of my 1001 days, if not all - I read a few Wikipedia articles, wrote 2 handwritten letters, I went with my parents to visit my Gran and put a few things aside to get rid of.

Most excitingly, I finished three Things - not long after starting, I went grocery shopping with EDP and didn't talk about any sales.  And, over Easter weekend, I saw a Broadway play in New York and had breakfast at Tiffany's.  I'm pretty happy with finishing three Things, it's a good start.

With all this focus on my Things, I haven't gotten much reading done so my 50 Book Pledge and getting the stack of TBRs down hasn't gone too well but I've got lots of time.  I'm at 18 books read for the pledge and 53 books on TBR.  You may notice that 53 is higher than 49, which is the number I started with but I got a few books for my birthday and received a couple of books in the mail from a fellow BookCrosser.

What's next?  Tomorrow, I start drum lessons (would anyone like to place bets on whether or not I can fit a drum set in Gilligan?) I'll try to get a start on my 101 new recipes and I'll probably also start on reading the Old Testament - I found an iPhone app that will actually read the Bible to me so I'm thinking about listening to it rather than reading it.  Or maybe a combination of both.  There's a good chance that a Mac will be purchased soon - there's rumours of a refresh happening soon!  And hopefully, by the end of the month, I'll have my little summaries of each Thing done, too.

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