Monday, May 9, 2011

Thing 37: Teach my dog a cute trick

Penny and I have done a couple of rounds of training - by now, she's pretty good at sitting and laying down.  On occasion, she will stay or come around to my side.  These actions are more rare.  Some would say she isn't a very smart dog, but I disagree.  I have managed to teach her to shake a paw.  I think this is because she is highly motivated by food and she's realized that batting at a person often gets her a treat.  This gives me hope that I can teach her something else cute.

This was originally teaching Penny to roll over but I'm not sure she has the attention span to learn that so I've modified it to be just something cute.

How will I know I'm done?
According to our trainer, a dog has to do something 40 times in a row on command to consider the command learned.  Neither Penny nor I have that kind of attention span to count that high so I'll take two or three successful responses to the trick's command.  And maybe one or two when someone else asks her to do it.

How am I doing?
So far, no progress.

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