Thursday, July 21, 2011

Coming to you live from my brand new iMac!

Shiny new iMac
Right, not exactly "live" - even Apple isn't that good but holy moly was this thing ever easy to set up.

ONE cord.  I had to plug it into the computer and the electrical outlet.  I had to turn the power on to the keyboard and to the mouse.  I had to turn the computer on and click the mouse and I was in business.  Seriously.  That's all it took.  Maybe a dozen screens to choose my language, country, wireless network, etc. And boom, I was ready to go.
Decrepit old PC...

It's so pretty....

Like...  Really, really pretty.

And is superior to my PC in every possible way.  Did I mentioned ONE cord?!?  ONE!

With all its cables
Anyway, this weekend, I'm signed up for two workshops from Apple - one on getting to know your Mac and one on the new operating system.  Those should both help me figure enough out to do some basics until I can find something more in depth to teach me all the tricks.

So now it's time to say good bye to the PC.  Everyone wave to PC, he won't be here much longer!

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