Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 2011 Recap

July has come and gone and for the second month in a row, I haven't finished anything.  Though, I'm a few days early with my recap post (see what's coming up in August for an explanation) so I could sneak something in.

I have still been working on things though.  If you check out my Things In Progress, I have over 20 on the go.  So I'm not worried.  Yet.

What has been keeping me busy?  Well, the biggest, most exciting thing in July was getting the Mac.  I've written a couple of posts about it, including a lengthy one about learning to use it.  I am at the point where I can do everything I need to do with it.  I'm learning the short cuts and can get pretty much everything done but I still need to learn all the tricks and awesome stuff that make a Mac so much more than a PC.  I'm planning on accomplishing this by getting a reference book and so far, there's been very little published on the new operating system.  I should be able to pick something up soon and get this Thing finished.

I've had a couple of sessions with Kitchener photographer Doug Wilson to teach me how to use EDP's DSLR.  I have one more session to do with him on travel and then I'll have learned how to use EDP's SLR.  Since EDP is coming to that one with me, I haven't been able to schedule it with Doug yet but that should happen early on in the month, which will complete this Thing, as well.

Another thing that's seen some progress is learning to play the drums.  I switched to a new teacher this month.  His name is Dave O'Neill and so far, things are really going well.  He comes to the house for an hour lesson every other week.  He's teaching me some stick handling techniques & control (you could compare it to scales on the piano) and this interesting exercise of varying where the bass drum hits on my basic beat that I know.  This is actually really tricky.  I have an entire page of different bars and I've really only mastered the first one.  Point is - the drum lessons continue and it's been a lot of fun so far.

And now, for my other on-going Things that are no less interesting or important but I have less to say about:
  • I have six book recommendations and have started reading Kirsi's recommendation, the Happiness Project.
  • I got my letter written earlier this week but then discovered I was out of envelopes.  I picked up more this morning so I'll be addressing that and throwing it in the mailbox today.  I've missed the last pickup for July so it won't get moving until next month, just like all my other letters.  I must make a point of sending my next letter earlier in the month.
  • Penny and I have walked 58.84 km together.  That's about 12 km this month, which is pretty good considering the heat.  
  • My TBR pile is sitting at 48 books and I've finished 28 books in my 50 book pledge.  Yeah, I know my TBR pile has grown but it's because of my new book club. 
  • I don't even want to talk about what the balance in my TFSA is.  My company's share price seems to think it's in a Limbo contest and has done nothing but drop this past month.  I blame RIM.  Or Greece.  
  • I've been watering my orchid and it's made it past the one month mark.  It's started to drop some flowers but I'm hopeful that's normal and not a sign of the orchid's impending doom.
  • We saw Weezer and the Hip on July 1.  Weezer was way better than I expected and the Hip was awesome, as always.  That's the first of five concerts done.
  • I've donated 13,250 grains of rice and made 5 microloans (and my sister has made 2!!)
  • It would seem that I neglected to record any Wikipedia articles I've read this month, so my official total for that is still at 60.
  • The pile of things to get rid of is growing.  I had been hoping to do a major sweep of the house this month but that didn't happen.  

What's on tap for August, you ask?  Well, I'm writing this early because this long weekend is going to be a whirlwind for us.  Today is errands and laundry so that tomorrow morning we can pack for our road trip to Halifax.  In the afternoon, we're heading to the wedding of one of EDP's closest friends (it should be a great wedding - this couple is lots of fun.)  We're coming home, sleeping for as long as possible and then leaving home shortly before noon.  We'll drive straight through to get to Halifax early on Tuesday morning, do some sightseeing on Tuesday, EDP has class on Wednesday and Thursday (which is why we're going), we'll do a bit more sightseeing on Friday before starting the drive back with stops in New Brunswick and Quebec.  Oh, and we're bringing Penelope.  Really, this is all just a very long way of saying I'm going to be crossing three provinces off in my quest to see all the provinces.  Oh, and I've got another concert in August.  Maroon 5, Train and I will be at the Molson Amphitheatre on the 22.

Aside from that, nothing specific is planned.  Day Zero is telling me I have 884 days left and with 95 Things still to go, I need to target finishing something every 9-ish days.  Ack.  Yeah, okay, I'm gonna find something to knock off quickly before the end of the month actually hits.  Watch for another update soon.

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