Friday, July 1, 2011

June 2011 Recap

So June is gone and I didn't finish any of my Things!  Sacrebleu!  But don't fret, I was working on stuff.

I started on keeping an orchid alive for six months.  I'm almost two weeks in and it's going okay.  It came with instructions to give it 1/4 cup of water each week.  I am still planning on picking up an ice cube tray to do the whole three ice cubes a week thing but so far, things are going okay.

As far as my lengthier, ongoing Things go...

  • The postal strike/lockout put a bit of a cramp in my handwritten letters but I did get a letter dropped into the mailbox on the 30th, albeit after the mail came so it will be stamped for July.  It's good enough for me, though.  Just to be on the safe side, I think I'll get my July letter off sooner rather than later.
  • Drum lessons continued but they don't go through the summer.  I did find some music for Eye of the Tiger.  I mastered the intro and the drum beat but still have the fills to figure out.  Maybe I'll finish learning it in July.  
  • Penny and I have walked a total of 46.48 km together. 
  • My TBR pile has decreased to 47 and I'm almost half way through my 50 Book Pledge with 24 books read this year.
  • I've donated a total of 11,390 grains of rice over at
  • I made my third microloan to Nelson in Bolivia.
  • I've read 60 Wikipedia articles.
  • We had an unfortunately unsatisfying Chinese food experience at the King's Buffet in Guelph (the Kitchener one is so good!)
  • I took Penny to see my Gran.  Penny got to play with a 98 lb boxer named Rocky while we were there.  She slept for almost a full day when we got home.
  • I added a few more things to the pile of stuff to get rid of.  I'm no where near 101 yet.

So what's coming up in July?  Well, today, I'm taking in my first of five concerts.  EDP & I are heading into the big city to see Weezer & the Hip, which is highly fitting for Canada Day.  The Hip, I mean.  Not Weezer. This will be the first time since we started dating that EDP & I didn't make plans to see fireworks for Canada Day.  I'm counting on being able to see some from the concert.  I hope that pans out, it's a nice little tradition we have going.  The Mac will also probably be purchased this month.  This morning, I couldn't even get my desktop to turn off so as soon as Lion comes out, I'll be ordering that sucker.  I have already pre-ordered Mac Lion OS for Dummies.

And, in August, I'll be starting on visiting all the provinces.  EDP has recently started working on a Masters degree at Dalhousie and each course has an in-person session at the end.  This term, he has to head out to Halifax at the beginning of August and Penny & I are going to join him.  We're going to drive - probably straight through on the way there but taking a bit more time coming back so I may be able to cross off more than one province with this trip.

Other than those things, I don't have anything specifically planned.  According to Day Zero, I have 913 days left and with 95 Things left to go, I should be targeting finishing one every 10-ish days.  So I think I'll try to make some good progress on the Things I have underway, start at least one more of the Things that'll take a while and cross of at least 2, if not 3, Things from the list.

Oh and one more thing - I think I forgot to mention in my May recap that I voted in the May 2 election.  The outcome is not what I had envisioned for Canada but I would be lying if I said I was sad we would have four years before the next federal election.


  1. Great job. Keep up the great work!

  2. Great update! It makes me a little nervous that you have figured out that you only have about 10 days per Thing left! ;)
    Can't wait to see pictures of the orchid as it grows. Did you manage to see some Canada Day fireworks still? What a nice tradition to have! :)