Monday, July 18, 2011

So what's new with you?

Not much?  Oh good.  Let me tell you what's new with me.

I still haven't finished any more Things.  But I've been making some good progress...  

My orchid is still alive and in 3 hours, I will have kept it alive for one entire month.  Only five to go.  I feel this is a really big accomplishment for me as I recently determined that my cactus is pretty much dead and the cause of death is going to be recorded as lack of water.  Please feel free to send chocolates or other consumables to both congratulate me on my orchid's milestone and help commemorate the life of my cactus.

I've started reading the Happiness Project, which was a recommendation from Kirsi*.  I've got half the books picked out for this Thing and I've been giving some serious thought about who to ask for the other six.  I'm really pleased with the recommendations I have so far so now I feel a lot of pressure to get six more good ones.  

I had a one-on-one lesson with a local photographer today to help me learn how to use EDP's DSLR.  I met with Doug Wilson for my first of three sessions.  He gave me an overview of how the camera works and some of the technical aspects of taking a good photo.  I'll go see him again on Thursday and then EDP & I will go for one last session where he'll help us learn to compose better photos on our travels.  I'm really pleased with my choice to do the one-on-one sessions with Doug instead of taking a group class, like EDP did.  Not that what EDP did wasn't good.  He learned a lot and is a significantly better photographer as a result.  But I feel like I learned a lot in the hour I spent with Doug and I'll definitely have learned enough to use the camera when we're travelling, which is my goal.

Oh, and finally, I bought a Mac.  It will be here tomorrow so don't expect my week of no computer or TV to come any time soon.  I'm excited to have a desktop that actually installs updates, doesn't take a half hour to start up, has working USB ports and a keyboard that no one has spilled coffee on.  EDP will probably start using it for his photos and I'm looking forward to using FaceTime with my dog (she'll get the iPhone, I'll use the iMac.)

I've been working on some of my other ongoing Things as well, which I'll include when I write my July recap but I felt like it was time to give an update on some of the larger steps I've taken towards finishing some stuff. I'll leave you now with a photo that I took tonight of the aforementioned orchid that I took on EDP's camera on the manual setting.  

*Kirsi has started her own 101 Things in 1001 Days Project, which you should go check out because she's hi-larious.  


  1. Why thank you. That's very sweet of you. I might be blushing now.

    Congratulations on your progress and keeping your orchid alive (condolences on the cactus...I have a few plants that may be on their last roots as well, entirely of my own doing, or not doing).

    Your photo is lovely!

  2. Fantastic picture! Nicely done.