Monday, August 29, 2011

I've made my 8th Kiva loan

So I hadn't been planning on making any more loans until the next repayment day but I logged on today to look at my fun pie charts and saw that Kiva had introduced a new Kiva City.

What's a Kiva City?  Well, a few weeks ago, they introduced Kiva Cities with their first one.  I can't remember what it was.  Maybe Detroit?  Anyway, Kiva City brings microfinancing to cities across the U.S.  Typically, the borrowers you see on Kiva are not from countries like the U.S. or Canada.  Kiva is trying to alleviate poverty so they work in more developing areas of the world.  With Kiva City, they pick a city, feature a large number of borrowers from that city and microfinancing is extended to borrowers who wouldn't normally be on Kiva.

With the last Kiva City, by the time I logged on and noticed it, the loans had all been funded.  So today, when I saw New Orleans featured as a new Kiva City, I jumped right in to see if there was anything left.  Most of the loans had been funded but there were still a few that were available.  Including one for Nathaniel Jackson, who started a construction company in July 2010.  He was looking for a loan for $10,000 to help purchase supplies for a subcontractor project for the Goodwork Network.  I hadn't heard of the Goodwork Network so I looked it up online and from what I could tell, the Goodwork Network helps new businesses get on their feet.  And that seems like a pretty good organization.  And on top of all that, something named Keen was going to match my donation.  So into the basket it went and with that, I made my 8th microloan.

Only 2 to go and this Thing will be done!

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