Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thanks for the visit, New Brunswick

We've been home for a few days but I've been busy with some other things so the blog post about the drive home had to wait.

We had the morning in Halifax on Friday before we needed to start heading home so EDP, Penny & I went to the Halifax Citadel to check that out.  Then, it was time to hit the road.  We pulled off the highway to see the world's longest covered bridge and then stopped for a while in Grand Falls, NB.  Grand Falls has a walking trail along it's waterfall and gorge.  Before we walked the trail, Kevin zip lined across the falls.  After that, it was time for the trail and the 230 steps down to the gorge.  It was a nice walk and the gorge and falls were really pretty.  And with that, New Brunswick was visited (and I added a few more kilometers with Penny.)

We stopped for the night in Quebec and did the rest of the drive on Saturday.  We didn't stop to see anything in Quebec so while we drove through it twice, I'm not considering it visited yet.

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