Sunday, September 18, 2011

A busy weekend!

It's 6:17 on Sunday evening and I think this is the first I've really turned my brain off all weekend.  

Friday night, I got out of work mode a little later than usual and went straight into what-cake-to-bake mode.  It was my Dad's 60th birthday this week and my mom commissioned me to make a golf-themed cake for the occasion.  I make a lot of cakes but I have a serious problem in that I never remember what recipe I've used.  I'm pretty sure I've used a different recipe for every cake I've made.  I finally settled on a Cocoa Fudge Cake from the my 1970s Betty Crocker cookbook that I hadn't made before - as far as I can remember.

With having the cakes to bake, I wasn't really interested in making dinner so EDP and I ordered Thai food from a place up at the north end of Guelph called Sombat The Thai Guy.  And it was delicious.  Delicious enough that I was pretty close to declaring Thing 67 finished.  But there's another Thai place right by this Sombat one that EDP wants to try and there's three others I wouldn't mind checking out (a Red Papaya downtown that is apparently not part of the chain, a place called Lemongrass in the same plaza as the Long & McQuade and something that might be called the Golden Basil near the mall.)  So Sombat is currently a strong front-runner in the race for our go-to Thai place.

Once I stopped raving about the pad thai, I got to work on baking two sheet cakes.  They kept me in the kitchen for a while and when the second cake came out, it was time for bed.  The next morning, EDP took Penny on a nice long walk to the dog park so that I could get started, uninterrupted, on getting the cake together.  While he was gone, I got in another trip to the grocery store before getting my lemon curd in the fridge and one of my two batches of fondant done.  I stopped for some breakfast and then got right back to my second batch of fondant, a chocolate marshmallow fondant.  It ended up being a bit dry for my tastes but turned out pretty well.  The colour worked well as the body of the golf bag I was attempting to create.  I was worried about my regular icing being too sweet to go with the marshmallow fondant (that was going to be two layers thick in a few places) so I did something I never do and bought store-bought icing to go between my cakes and the fondant.  You can't use store bought icing to do much in the way of decorations on cake so I never use it.  But everything on this cake was fondant so I took off for a couple of errands with a stop at the grocery store to buy icing (FYI - no one commented on the icing so either my family didn't notice or they were too polite to say anything.  Knowing my family, I'm guessing the former.)

Dad's cake
Then, it was time to start assembling.  I had looked online for some inspiration and found something I thought was cute and wouldn't be too complicated.  I got to work on shaping the cake, filling it and icing it.  Then it was time for fondant.  It took me so much longer than I expected but around 1:30, I was done. And pretty pleased with myself.  With the cake safely in the box, it was time for a shower and getting on the road to St. Marys for my Dad's birthday dinner.  We had some tasty, tasty snacks & champagne before heading into Stratford for dinner at Down the Street.  Then it was back home for cake, 12 year old scotch and a couple of rounds of euchre before collapsing into bed.  All-in-all, it was really nice afternoon/evening and my Dad got a good chuckle when he saw the cake.

Once we got home today, it was time to do laundry and clean the house.  All the laundry is done now so we'll be able to pack for Prague & Vienna without searching for anything (in theory.)  I cleaned as I did laundry and with EDP helping me finish off the last few things when he came in from frisbee, I'm ready to do nothing for the rest of the night.  This week should be a busy one with our trip looming but just for now, it's time to turn off my brain.

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