Thursday, September 8, 2011

A quick update

Earlier today, I was thinking that I had something interesting to say but I've forgotten what it was now... So you're going to get a couple of boring updates instead. Sorry 'bout your luck.

I went to Chapters at lunch the other day to take a look at the books on Mac OS X Lion to help me learn how to use it. Since it was so cold, I got a latte at Starbucks and gave serious consideration to paying for the guy behind me. But then I saw his shoes and since they looked like they cost more than everything on my entire person combined (including my purse and everything in it), I opted not to strike that one off my list. I did find a book I wanted and promptly returned to work to order in online where it was $26 instead of $39.

Last night, EDP and I ordered Chinese food. I searched online for the best Chinese food restaurant in Guelph and found a place. After EDP took forever to figure out what he wanted, we called and discovered the restaurant was closed.  So I left with the dog for our walk and left it to EDP to call another place I had found.  The food looked awful when it arrived.  The fried rice was pretty close to being the same colour as my highlighter.  But it tasted okay.  I'm not willing to stop looking but the menu has been put up on the fridge as an option until something better is found.

My road to being a rockstar just got a little smoother - I picked up the drums I bought after work today.  I haven't assembled them yet.  The weather was so nice that I took Penny on a walk up to the new pet store we noticed on our way home from dropping off my rental drums yesterday.  We were both exhausted when we got home and so I have been sprawled on the sofa, watching Masterchef with EDP (don't tell me who won Season 2 - we're only on the top 9!) We also picked up a pamphlet on therapy dogs while we were at the store.  I'm not at all confident in Penny's ability to pass the tests to become a therapy dog, though I think she'd make an excellent one.  I think we'll at least give it a shot though - and if it works out, I'll be on my way to 25 volunteer hours!

Oh, and someone remind me to look into when advance polls are for the provincial election.  I'm pretty sure we're only getting home from Vienna on election day and might not make it to the polls so I'll need to vote before we leave if I'm going to get my vote in.

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