Sunday, October 23, 2011

Eighteen hours done, six to go

Wow - eighteen hours done?  I honestly didn't think I would still be awake at this point.  Normally, by this hour, I'm halfway through my eight-hour sleep.  I've been reading Ivory Tower Blues this hour and if things go well, I might be done it by the time the next hour rolls around.

This hour's mini-challenge is hosted by A Buckeye Girl Reads and it's about one of my favourite things - my pet.  Penny has spent almost the entire read-a-thon with me, snoozing on my lap or by my side.  She did take a trip to the dog park this morning and that seems to have tired her right out.  She does make it difficult to balance the laptop close enough to type but aside from that, it's been nice having her so close.  She did abandon me for about 45 minutes to go sleep with EDP in bed but she got kicked out and has been snuggled up again with me since that happened.  I've posted two pictures of her - one is from about 35 seconds ago and the other is on our way home from somewhere one day so that you can see her cute face :)


  1. Aw, Penny's adorable! I'll bet she bullied you into letting her lie in just that spot, too.

  2. Penny is soooooo cute! omg! I may explode from the cuteness, for real.

  3. Yeah, she's a cutie... And awfully good at wiggling her way to wherever she wants to snooze. She's been good company for today.