Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fourteen hours done, ten to go

I'm still working on Eat, Pray, Love...  I might end up with it finished in the next hour, we'll see.

There are two mini-challenges this hour after last hour's didn't seem to materialize.  The mini-challenge I was expected for the last hour, hosted by Kimberly at Fancy Terrible, is instructing me to go have a snack.  That is something I can get on board with so I'm going to be heading in that direction in a minute to make some hot chocolate and maybe cut up some pineapple.  The mini-challenge for this hour, hosted by Li at A World of Paper Hearts, is about a moment in a book when a friendship is forged.  This would require more thought on my part than I'm able to put in right now, since the obvious answer was the example (Anne & Diana in Anne of Green Gables...  They aren't just friends, they are kindred spirits.)  So I'm skipping that one.

Okay, time for a snack...

1 comment:

  1. I've wanted to read Eat, Prey, Love for some time now. I hope that you are enjoying it and able to finish it up soon :) Have fun!

    *Keep it up,
    You're doing great,
    Read lots of books,
    And stay up late!*