Monday, October 3, 2011

I went to the zoo, zoo, zoo

How about you, you, you?

When I put going to the zoo on my list, I had the Toronto Zoo in mind.  It's close, it's got animals, it seemed like it would be easy and fun to do.  Then we planned a trip to Vienna - and during this planning, I learned that the oldest zoo in Europe and the only zoo in Europe with giant pandas was in Schönbrunn Palace, where we were planning to go.  Since then, going to the zoo was the top thing on my list to do in Vienna.

On Saturday, we spent a good portion of our day at Schönbrunn, including the zoo.  The zoo was smaller than I expected but had some great animals to see.  Lots of penguins and giraffes and elephants and hippos.  The pandas were smaller than I expected, but it was neat to see them.  Probably the most entertaining thing of the day was when we heard some howling and went off to find what it was and discovered it was one of the seals - he was spending his day howling in the sun.

Overall, it was a really good couple of hours.  It certainly qualifies for going to the zoo so I can cross this one off.  Now, I have to take a look at the balance in that savings account because I think I'm a behind a bit on my $25 for each thing completed.

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