Saturday, October 22, 2011

One hour done, twenty three to go

My first hour of the read-a-thon is done.  I participated in the introduction meme, checked out a few responses from other people for the meme and read The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen.  I read about 28 pages this hour so there's still a long way to go for me to read my lofty goal of finishing five books.

So onto the mini-challenge for this hour, hosted by Alyce of at home with books.  The challenge was to take a picture of something that represents a character in one of the books I'm reading.  My current book doesn't really lend well to this - it would appear that the character that the story is focusing on now is about to enter the world of internet fraud and I don't have anything around the house for that.  So I'm going to use the title, since the book is themed around the breakdown of a family and so far, the mother seems to have some strong views on how the misbehavior of her children could be corrected.  So I've taken the last sentence I've read and written it out with some errors that I then corrected.  I feel so clever.

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  1. Nice choice of photo for the mini challenge! Thanks for participating!