Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Read-a-thon Round-Up

The read-a-thon is now well behind me and I'm pretty sure I'm caught up on my sleep now.  In a nutshell, the read-a-thon was great, I did manage to stay up for the full 24 hours and I would participate again.

Let's look at these a little closer, shall we?

The read-a-thon was great
Well, it was.  There were a TONNE of people and lots of blogs to check out and book titles to investigate.  There were about 400 people signed up for the read-a-thon but based on the intro meme, about 250 people started the read-a-thon (or at least checked in at the start) and around 170 were awake when it ended to check in at the end.  Pretty impressive numbers.  The mini-challenges were also fun, I really liked the one where you had to construct a sentence out of book titles in your house.  That one took a while!  The whole thing was so well organized - there was a host that posted every hour with songs & fun pictures & stuff to put a smile on your face, there were cheerleaders who visited people's blogs or tweeted to encourage the readers, there were the mini-challenges.  There was a lot going on so even though I was reading by myself, I didn't feel like I was out in the middle of nowhere with things.

I did manage to stay up for the full 24 hours
This is evidenced by my hourly posts.  You can tell I was actually writing them throughout the evening as they got progressively more boring and focused on how much I wanted to sleep as the night went on.  Had I written in advance & scheduled the posts to go up each hour, you can bet I would have been more entertaining at 4 am.

I would participate again
Yeah, for sure.  But with a few tweaks...  I wouldn't blog every hour and I wouldn't check the mini-challenges every hour.  I'd do that every few hours.  If I was doing it on my own, I'd plan for a couple of naps, too - or just full-out quit when I got tired.  If I had a buddy, I'd try for the full 24 hours again.  I'd also start with a book that I was already half-way done reading so that I had a finished book early on in the game - it kinda sucked that it was sixteen hours before I finished anything.  And I'd keep better track of the number of pages I read and try to track the number of minutes I read.  The next read-a-thon is April 21.  I've put the date in my calendar and I'm pretty sure I'll participate in it, even just to see if my tweaks are effective.

In the end, I ended up finishing 2 books and making good progress on 2 more.  I had been hoping for 5 books so that I could finish off my 50 Book Pledge at the same time but no dice.

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