Sunday, October 16, 2011

A whole bunch of people owe me money

Yesterday morning, I made my 10th micro loan through Kiva to Piv from Cambodia.

I've made more loans in the six months or so that I've been on Kiva than the average Kiva user and that makes me rather happy.  I've really enjoyed searching through the loans for something that interests me, expanding the number of countries I've made an impact in, and watching my repayments roll in each month.  You can see all the loans I've made along with some fascinatingly colourful pie charts on my lender page.

I ended up making all of my loans through Kiva, though I didn't set out with that intention for this Thing.  It ended up being so easy and straightforward that I never looked for another organization.  I also knew that Kiva was a reputable website when I started using it - it has the highest rating from Charity Navigator, a group that evaluates not-for-profit organizations for how well they use the funds they raise and that sort of thing. I had planned on doing some education-related loans, which Kiva doesn't really do but I just never sat down and took the time to do the research.

However, I've had really good luck with Kiva.  One of my loans has already been paid back in full.  That particular loan was delinquent last month, having not made the full payment for the month.  This month, however, the rest of last month's payment and this month's came through and the loan is now fully repaid.

I'm definitely going to continue making loans through Kiva.  I have just under $200 in outstanding loans right now and I'm going to just keep reloaning that money as it's repaid.

Anyone interested in joining me as I continue to participate in micro lending?

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