Friday, November 4, 2011

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day

So it seemed like a perfect day to execute a thoroughly thought out, pre-planned act of kindness.  I've been really good about not going to Starbucks on my way to work lately.  I've hardly gone at all since moving and I think I've only gone once since we got the Keurig.  But this morning, I didn't turn the Keurig on.  I went to Starbucks.  And I bet you can guess what I did....

I paid for the guy behind me in the drive thru.  I was almost up at the window to claim my latte when someone else finally pulled in.  I was beginning to think I'd have to circle through again!  Anyway.  When I got to the window and gave the girl my card, I asked her to put the guy behind me through on my card, too, if there was enough on it.  There was - he was only getting a coffee and my card had been topped up recently.  I was kind of nervous about the whole thing so I skedaddled and didn't get a chance to see his reaction. I'd like to think he was pleasantly surprised.

And with that quick getaway, I knocked another Thing off my list. 


  1. Hey Colleen - that's too easy - you need to at least be in a line - so you can see his reaction & hear his comments.


  2. Awww that's sweet but I agree with Wendy. You need to do it in person. I've done it before when people didn't have enough money on them and it's no biggie.

  3. I think it's awesome. I respectfully disagree with the other commenters. Running off means that there's no awkward moment of someone not understanding when people are being nice to them. They can have their awkward moment without feeling like they have to react a certain way. After the initial shock, I think it makes someone's day.

    At the very least, they have something to talk about other than Survivor around the watercooler.

    Hmm. I might be a little cynical.

  4. Wait... do people still watch Survivor? Is it still the hip show?