Saturday, December 31, 2011

My TBR is still looking a little chunky

My TBR pile
For several years now, I've been keeping an Excel spreadsheet to track my reading each year.  At the end of the year, I sit down to get the spreadsheet ready for the next year and to see what the year looked like for my reading habits.

Overall, I made okay progress on reducing my TBR pile in 2011.  I started the year with 64 books waiting to be read.  I ended the year with 48, which is made up of 35 of the original 64 plus anything I acquired this year that didn't get read.  Not too bad - the size of my TBR pile has been bothering me for years so it's nice to see that the pile that I'm starting 2012 with is the smallest pile I've had at the start of a year since I started keeping track.

In 2011, I finished 56 books and abandoned one.  It worked out to 16,773 pages - or an average of 45.95 a day, which was a bit short of the 50 a day I was hoping for.  I did make some good progress on my TBR pile and if I read the same number from my TBR in 2012 as I did in 2011, I'll be in good shape to get my TBR under 10 books before the end of my 1001 days.  Fingers crossed!

Friday, December 2, 2011

November 2011 Recap

I'm a couple of days late with my November recap, but for really good reason.  I had my book club on Wednesday and then last night, I was watching the first episode of Downton Abbey.  One of the girls I work with told me about it a few months ago and I promptly forgot about it.  Then I remembered about it and watched the entire first season on Sunday.  Then I ordered the DVD and now I'm going to watch it all again.  So yes, as you can see, I've been horribly busy.

Anyway.  Back to November.  Not a great month for either finishing things.  I finished two things - paying for someone behind me in line and my Harry Potter marathon.  The former was completed towards the beginning of the month in a Starbucks and the latter when EDP was in India for business.  

As far as progress, I wouldn't say my progress was great here either.  
  • I've got my handwritten letter written but not mailed yet.  There's a good reason why but I can't say.  Just trust me.
  • Drum lessons continue to continue.  I'm working on this one exercise that is just impossible but I have another one that I really like.  And, I play along with my iPod, as well.  I cannot say that I can play the drums yet but I am making progress and am loving it.
  • Penny and I have passed the halfway mark with our walks, walking 105.53 km.
  • My TBR pile has 45 books on it right now.
  • I've made a few new things and am now at 17 new recipes tried.
  • My orchid has been alive for 5 1/2 months.  It's actually growing a new flower stem, which is horribly exciting.  Even more exciting - in just two weeks, it will have been alive for six months!
  • I've donated 30,160 grains of rice.
  • I did try another Chinese food place but it was horribly salty and can't even be considered a contender for a go-to Chinese food place.
  • I saw my Gran a few weeks ago and will mostly likely see her again at Christmas.
  • I've gotten rid of a total of 23 things.  
  • My savings plan for finishing things is going just as planned.  
I doubt I'll make much progress in December.  Unless I change half a dozen of my things to watching Downton Abbey.