Sunday, January 1, 2012

December 31 2011 Recap

Oh, December... Where did you go?! I wasn't planning on getting a lot accomplished this month but I feel like I made pretty much ZERO progress on most of my things. I didn't do anything to actively finish my of my Things, but my orchid did make it to the six month mark so that got crossed of the list. As far as the things that I've got in progress...
  • My handwritten letter went in the form of Christmas cards. I think we sent about 30 so that's good enough for me.
  • Drum lessons kept going and I feel like I'm making some good progress. I got a music stand for Christmas so I'm no longer taping my exercises to the drums so I will obviously be able to make fantastic progress now.
  • I  apparently forgot to log any extra walks Penny & I took so our official number of kms walked remains unchanged from November.
  • I ended December (and 2011) with only 48 books on my TBR pile.  It's up slightly from November but I got a few books for Christmas so that's somewhat expected.
  • I made an easy chicken noodle soup yesterday, taking my new recipes total up to 18. 
  • I've listened to 100 of the Rolling Stone's Greatest 500 Songs.
  • I have no recollection of this but I donated a bit of rice this month, bringing my total up to 31,190 grains donated.  
  • We ordered Chinese food a few days ago from a place we had tried before that seemed promising.  We added lo mein to our order and it was awful so I'm officially striking that place from the short list.  
  • The best progress I made this month was on getting rid of 101 things.  The official count is now at 41 but I've been pretty bad at remembering to add a tick to the post-it when something gets tossed. 
And finally, I've decided to make my first substitution of one of my Things. I really wanted to sit my Grade 8 RCM piano exam by the end of my 1001 days but I've decided that I don't think I'll be able to make the time to do this properly. I'm really rusty on my theory and I don't think I could get up to the point I need to be without at least a year of intensive preparation. I don't have 2 hours a day now to devote to it and I don't see things drastically changing in the next two years so I'm officially taking this off the list. What will I replace it with? Graduating. This is something that initially been on my list but I took it off for some really good reasons. But as expected, things have changed and I'm confident I'll be able to get this done before the end of December 2013.  Wanna read more about this one?  Go for it.

Anyway. That's December. In January, I hope to knock a couple of things off the list. If all goes well, 101 things will have been purged from the house and I think it's time to really buckle down and get through that book on learning how to use the Mac. Aside from that, I don't have anything 

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