Saturday, January 14, 2012

How goes sticking to that completely realistic exercise schedule, you ask?

Not good, let me tell you.

Now look - I knew that I wouldn't make the schedule and then follow it to the T for the next thirty days.  I knew it would take a while.  So stop giving me that judgy look.

I made it to approximately Day 3 before falling off the wagon.  A few days later, I got back on and promptly fell off again the very next day and I've remained off since then.  Let's recap, shall we?

I made my schedule on a Thursday.  Thursday, all I have to do is take Penny to the dog park (because I have class on Thursday nights so I'm not home for her evening walk.)  I managed that without a problem. Friday is my "crash and burn day" because Wednesdays and Thursdays are so long and busy for me so the only thing on Friday is a half hour walk with the dog.  I managed that no problem.  Saturday is TAC at the gym in the morning and then a half hour walk with Penny at night.  I managed both of those things. Sunday is where it fell apart.  I could barely move.  So while I did get Penny to the dog park and for her half hour walk in the evening, between EDP's knee (he hurt it a while ago and is undergoing some physio on it) and my complete and utter failure of basic muscle control, we didn't play squash.  I was going to give myself a free pass on that one if I made it to hot yoga on Monday but I didn't (though I think Penny got her half hour walk.)  Tuesday is another light day - just a half hour walk with Penny but I'm pretty sure that didn't happen - maybe EDP took her or maybe I didn't make it the whole half hour?  I can't remember.  Wednesday came around and the plan was a yoga class at 6:15 am at the gym but that didn't happen.  I can't remember about Penny's half hour walk, either.  But Thursday, I did get up and did the 6:15 yoga class that I plan to get to when I don't make it on Wednesday.  But I didn't get Penny to the dog park - it was miserable out.  I figured I could give myself a pass for that one too but then last night came and it was four hundreds kind of miserable so the walk was certainly not a half hour.  And today, I didn't go to TAC.  So I'm definitely back to Day 0 of sticking to my schedule.  In theory, tomorrow is the dog park and a squash game with EDP.  I'm optimistic both will happen.

HEY!  Don't laugh - it's rude and I can hear you.

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