Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm such a cliché...

It's the new year.  And what's the first thing I decide to do? Make my realistic exercise schedule. Just like 90% of the rest of the world...

However, tackling this now is actually a really good idea, though, there is a possibility it's the worst idea I've ever had. I'm back in class this term - two nights a week. This means I'm not home until 10:30 twice a week and I've got school work to do on top of my drum lessons/practice. Making a schedule (and following through with it) is likely the only way I'll ever get my ass to the gym in the next twelve weeks. But I'm stupidly busy for the next twelve weeks so is it realistic to think I've got time for this? I guess time will tell.

Anyway.  I've made a schedule. It's for a week. It's in an Excel doc. It includes more than just exercise - it also includes three and a half hours of drum practice, one hour for my drum lesson, six hours for class, seven hours of school work, and both mine and Penny's exercise.  Penny's exercise is in the form of a minimum of a half hour walk every day. The exception is Thursday when I'm going to try to get her to the dog park in lieu of the 30 minute walk in. She's also getting scheduled for a trip to the dog park at least once a weekend. I do worry about her getting overweight so based on some research I tried to do, this should keep her in line. For me, I've got four trips to the gym - one for hot yoga, one for regular yoga, one for something called TAC, and one for a game of squash. The yoga is for flexibility and a bit of strength building, the TAC is for strength and muscle conditioning and the squash is for cardio. Balancing these and making them a regular part of my routine was the goal for this Thing so I'm considering this done.

Now it's time to stick to it for a month.  Wish me luck.  Or harass me via Twitter.  Both are welcome.

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