Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Thing 90: Graduate

Before you get all concerned for my ability to succeed in life, don't worry.  I'm not talking about high school.  Or even university.  Well, wait, I am talking about university.  But for the second time, not the first.  I got my OSSD and my BCom (Hons) in the normal, traditional way.  You know - by skipping class to do other more interesting things and then pulling all nighters to finish projects and cram for exams.  But then I finished school.  And I missed it.  So I started another degree at University of Waterloo.  And that's the one I plan on finishing.

Originally, I had not planned on putting graduating on my list because I wasn't sure if it was feasible to finish by the end of 2013.  I started a BA in Liberal Studies a few years ago because I like learning.  Then I switched into Philosophy because I really enjoyed the PHIL courses I took.  And then, I realized that I really do want to get my masters in library sciences.  So I switched into the honours program so that I could earn an academic honours degree (and partly because when I saw my advisor, she asked why the heck I wasn't in the honours program yet and practically started writing my application for the UW Masters of Philosophy program.)  My BCom isn't considered academic - it's a professional degree - and the Canadian schools that offer library sciences don't believe I have the necessary research skills to be successfully in their programs.  So I settled in for a long haul to get my BAH.  While I did that, I got distracted and got a certificate in Project Management which has delayed my progress a bit.  However, I'm now at the point that I've taken all the online courses I can and I've pretty much met all the requirements except for the three 400 level courses and the overall number of PHIL courses I need.  I'm also very quickly running out of night classes.  And 400 level courses are only ever offered during the day.  Add all this together, and you get a flashing neon sign that says "You're going to need to go back for a full-time term!!"

Is that ever going to happen?  Unlikely.  So it was time to think creatively.  And now I have.  The United States of America.  South of the border, there are at least a dozen schools that offer a completely online masters program.  Several of them are very good schools.  And the best part - you don't need an honours degree.  You don't even need an academic degree.  You just need a degree.  Add all THIS together and you get a new neon sign that says "You might be a moron if you continue the honours degree.  Settle for a three- or four-year general and get the hell out of Dodge..."  And when I sit and check degree requirements, not only can I accomplish this by the end of my 1001 days but I *might* be a 2012 graduate.

How will I know I'm done?
Another framed degree on my wall.

How am I doing?
Degree conferred on October 20, 2012 but confirmation of it obtained August 6, 2012, read about it here.

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