Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 2012 Recap

Considering February is a short month, I did better this month than I have in a while!  To be fair, it was mostly because of my jaw surgery this past week but I'm not really going to complain.

I got three things crossed off the list this month.  I spent three days in my pyjamas, which was awesome. I finally finished getting rid of 101 things - and even got everything out of the house. And, I turned my handwriting into a font. Not bad progress for the month but I need to pick my socks up if I'm going to finish in time.

I did make some progress, as usual, on my ongoing things:

  • My handwritten letter is going in the mail today - along with my January ones, which I found STILL languishing in the house when I tidied yesterday.  Oh, the SHAME!
  • My drum lessons are going well, though, with school work, I haven't had as much time to practice as I'd like.
  • The debt is trending downwards and I think the TFSA might actually be up a little from last month. 
  • I started scanning my old school notes and have three classes done so far.   
  • Penny and I have walked 124.36 km together, outside of our regular walks.   
  • My TBR pile has 48 books on it.
  • I'm at 28 new recipes.
  • I've listened to 194 of the top 500 songs, according to Rolling Stone.
  • I've donated 47,400 grains of rice.
  • We tried a new Greek restaurant and a new Thai restaurant.  The Greek place is in the running but the Thai place is not. 
  • I saw my Gran just before going to the hospital for my jaw surgery.
  • I read a chapter in my book on how to use the Mac (and it was super informative, I need to get cracking on this book!)
  • The exercise schedule is temporarily on hold - I have to be pretty careful with my jaw for the next three months so the dog park is out for a while.
  • I have FIVE weeks of class plus one exam left until I can graduate.  
  • I got to move $75 into my 101 Things TFSA for my Thing of saving $25 for each Thing done.

March is probably going to be my month of not eating out. Chewing is a challenge right now so this one is going to pretty much finish itself.  It might also be when I tackle getting an academic letter of reference. I'm not sure what else - I think I need to sit down and make some really good progress on some of my things that are already underway, that list of stuff in progress is pretty long.

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