Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 2012 Recap

I'm sorry, January is OVER already?  I'm not really sure I even remember it starting.  Man, time flies when you are really busy...

Well, I only got one thing done this month - and it was one of my easier Things.  It was putting together a completely realistic exercise schedule.  I did that way back at the beginning of the month and I've done slightly better than I expected at sticking to it but I'm no where near my 30 days.

What hindered my progress this month? First off, I'm back in class again this term. I've been off the last two terms (due to the lack of courses that I hadn't taken) but I'm in TWO night classes this term.  TWO.  Wednesday nights is my Theories of Knowledge course which I'm finding absolutely FASCINATING.  Great prof, interesting material, intelligent and non-annoying classmates.  Thursday nights is Probability and Decision Making which I'm finding absolutely TEDIOUS.  The prof is funny and is keeping things interesting but it's game theory and I'm kind of sick to death of game theory. This has got to be the fourth or fifth time I've studied it.  Yawn. Add to that one SUPER annoying person that doesn't seem to think the basic rule of raising your hand to speak applies (WHO POPS BUBBLE WRAP IN CLASS WHILE THE PROF IS SPEAKING?!) and I'm not overly thrilled with the class.  But...  I can be completely, totally done at the end of this term, if I want to be - which would greatly help with that whole new graduating Thing I added to my list.

Aside from that, I've had some other stuff going on this month that has kept me fairly pre-occupied.  It pertains to one of my Things that I haven't divulged and I'm not quite ready to cross it off the list but it should come off in February.

I made a tiny bit of progress on some of my other Things, as well, which is nice...

  • My handwritten letters for January are still languishing in the house, not yet mailed.  I vow to get them in the mailbox by tomorrow morning because they should have gone out a little while ago.  
  • Drums lessons are still awesome and I'm coming close-ish to being able to play along with a song.  
  • I had tuition due this month so the debt didn't really go anywhere but my company's stock is slowly starting to climb back up so my TFSA may be on the road to recovery but is still no where near the $3,400 I transferred over last year. 
  • Penny and I are up to 115.36 km walked.
  • My TBR is at 47 books (and my 2012 50 Book Pledge is at 5 books already!)
  • The list of new recipes is at 22 (Bourbon Chocolate Mousse is delicious...)
  • We've engaged Tracey, our awesome realtor, to help us look for a house to buy.
  • I've listened to 189 of Rolling Stone's Top 500 Songs
  • I've donated 40,370 grains of rice
  • I've officially rid myself of 68 things and I'm determined to reach 100 this month.
  • My 101 Things savings account is on track!

I think that's pretty much it. I don't expect to get much finished in February - I do need to focus on those classes because if they go poorly, graduating gets put off for at least another term!

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  1. Hello! I just found your blog while searching for other people doing the 101 goals :)
    Just wanted to say that your whole blog is so impressive! It's so organised and I admire how you have managed to keep track of what you have completed and what is in progress. I especially like the drum lessons one- I used to play a few years ago and since I have moved out I havent played, but I would love to go back and relearn :D
    Keep up the ace work!