Monday, February 27, 2012

My handwriting is a font. Is yours?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

There are tonnes of services online that allow you to turn your handwriting into a font.  The service I used offers packages ranging from $7.85 to $158.58.  I picked the $7.85 service.  For that low, low price, I got to upload a template I filled in with my printed letters of the alphabet and a signature which spit out a font in under a minute. As you go up in price, the quality goes up - you can have your cursive writing turned into a font but it's not nearly as cheap as getting your printing done and it's not an automated process. Anyway, I didn't see much of a point in getting any of the fancy services because I'm going to be the only person with this font so no one else is ever going to see it!

And given that fact, I spent way too long filling out the template. I did it a couple of times before I was sorta happy. Then I printed out another one and filled in just the letters I was still unhappy with and cut and paste them onto the template I was going to scan. And when I say cut and paste, I don't mean using keyboard shortcuts. I mean using scissors and glue.

Then it was a quick upload into the system, wait for a minute, approve my preview, pay my $7.85 and get my file. And now I can write letters to people in my very own handwriting, something I could never do before! Oh, technology, how you enhance my existence.

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  1. You can write letters in your own handwriting? Jealous. ;)

    It's fun stuff, though.