Saturday, March 10, 2012

A month of happy

Yesterday, I was at work and it was casual day and I had a red velvet cupcake in front of me and I had my iPod going and it dawned on me that in that moment, I was blissfully happy. Not that I'm normally unhappy at work - I don't want to claim my job is perfect because it's not but I'd be willing to bet a good chunk of money that I'm happier than the average person with their job.  However, throw a cupcake in there and I'm just off the charts. They could probably pay me in cupcakes and I'd give them top marks on our annual employee survey.

Anyway, it seemed as good a time as any to start my month of taking a photo every day of something that makes me happy. The photos won't be great quality because I'm going to be snapping them with my phone & tweeting them with the hashtag #amonthofhappy.  

Oh, and something else I'm underway with...  Not eating out for a month.  This has somewhat been forced on me with the jaw surgery since there is so little that I can actually eat right now but it still totally counts.  Surgery was on Feb 24 so I'm considering March 25 the last day of the restaurant-free month. 

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