Saturday, April 21, 2012

Read-a-thon check-in

Well, it's been almost 8 hours and I haven't checked in yet so I figure now is a good time.  I've had a very relaxing morning/afternoon on the sofa.  I started my day by finishing A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle and then read a bit of Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter before switching over to an audio of Chuck Palahniuk's Survivor and then started a printed version of Marcel Proust's Days of Reading.  So far, I've spent a total of just under 3 1/2 hours reading and 2 hours of listening.  I've also had a fantastic nap.

I figure it's also time to do a mini-challenge so I'm doing the book staging challenge from Midnight Book Girl.  Happily, my book title seems pretty easy to stage - my current read is Days of Reading so I've propped it up with my book lover's calendar and a couple of books.


  1. You are doing great! Keep it up. I am listening to a book while I cheer.

  2. Looks like you are reading a nice variety of books! Keep on having fun!

  3. So glad to hear your readathon is off to a good start! Keep it up!