Monday, May 21, 2012

Went to a drive-in

I'm not really a big movie fan but there's something fun about a drive-in.  And yesterday, EDP decided he wanted to see a movie so I countered with the drive-in (which was showing the movie he wanted to see) and we hopped in the car with the dog and took off to the Mustang Drive-in.  We made it pretty much just in time and the place was packed!  We didn't get a great spot but that wasn't a big surprise given how late we showed up.  Penny settled down fairly quickly for a nap and EDP & I watched our movie.  The movie was okay but I'm not really sure I entirely followed it.  And for some reason, the car behind us kept turning it's lights on, which was pretty annoying.  

Anyway, in summary, I've prepared this pros & cons list about going to a drive-in. You'll see there are more pros than cons so maybe I'll go again.

Pets are welcome
You can talk and no one gets mad
You control the volume
It's okay to take a blanket
No one steals your armrest
There are snacks involved

There's never an afternoon show
There are other people there

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  1. Going to a drive-in is one of my Things as well. They're pretty scarce these days.