Sunday, June 3, 2012

May 2012 Recap

Another month come and gone...  I got 2 1/2 Things done this month but not much progress on my Things-in-progress.  I fully crossed off buying a diamond ring from Tiffany's for my 30th birthday and went to a drive in.  The half Thing I finished was graduating.  I handed in my intention to graduate form so my part in graduating is completely done, I just have to wait for everything to be processed.

As far as what's in progress, I didn't do a lot this month so I'm going to skip my regular bullet list of progress this time around.

I did spend a bit of time thinking about some of the things on my list and I think I'll be making some revisions soon.  I originally gave myself  5 "outs" to sub out a Thing at any time for something new but with more than a year behind me, I'm realizing that some of my Things are really in competition with each other - mostly cost-wise.  I have a couple of really expensive items on my list (getting out of debt, buying a house, $10,000 in a TFSA, and seeing all the provinces all pop into my mind.). I've already taken one Thing off my list, leaving me with only 4 more sub outs but I'm also going to give myself this one-time opportunity to overhaul my list. I know a lot of people don't finish their 101 Things but if I don't finish, I don't want it to be because I made my Things too hard to achieve. And when I made my list, I did try to make it completely achievable, which I thought I had done but with 575 days left, I think it's time to realize that putting a deadline on some of my Things wasn't the best idea.  So yeah, giving myself a one-time shot to revamp things a bit.

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