Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Remember that time I made delicious alfredo from scratch?  Oh, that's right - you weren't there.

A few weeks ago, I made my first attempt at a butter & cheese-only alfredo sauce. It was good - EDP loved it. But I wanted to try again. Tonight, I did. And it was great.

It's not the most nutritous meal in the world so I don't think it'll be a staple but I'll make it once in a while - maybe as a side dish? If you're interested in the proportions I used, I got them from this blog that claims to have the original recipe from Alfredo himself.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Totally jammed

Yup, I made jam. Peach jam. And I picked the peaches. "Pics or it didn't happen" you say? Totally happened.

Monday, July 2, 2012

June 2012 Recap

Another slow month...  Though, I'm marking 4 things as complete this month so maybe it wasn't as slow as I thought?

The biggest, most exciting thing is that EDP & I bought a house. It's a great house, we're really excited for August 17 to get here so that we can move in. And by move in, I mean clean the carpets and paint from top to bottom before moving in on August 25th.  The house is only about 5 years old, so it doesn't make sense to research the history of it so I'm now thinking about something to sub in for that. Not entirely sure what it will be.  Oh, and if you are thinking that because it's only 5 years old, there isn't a lot to do to it, you're nuts. I've got several lists started of all the things I want to do it. So I started another blog for that.

The other things I crossed off where a new Thing 9 - tripling my net worth - and Things 76 & 77, which were Private and Personal.

I don't think I made very good progress on my other in-progress things so I'm going to skip recapping them again this month and instead mention some of the tweaks I made that I mentioned I was planning in my May recap.

First, I scaled back on a couple of my Things - I changed some of my reading goals to be slightly lower because I felt I was focussing on them too much. And, I took a look at how some of my Things were in conflict - savings, debt repayment and travelling. Those are all require a lot of financial support and there are only so many dollars to go around. Because I don't want to be broke at the end of this, I've made things far more realistic. I'm pretty comfortable with my overall list now and in the end, I made adjustments to 7 things - one was a complete change and the rest were all minor tweaks.

So what's up for July? Well, going through my list has helped me remember some of the Things that are on my list that I completely forgot about! I'm going to try to knock a couple completely off the list and make some good progress on some of the Things that I had expected to spend all of my 1001 days working on.  Maybe I'll try to get caught up on my Wikipedia reading or rice donating (Ha! Yeah right...)


Last weekend, there was an LPGA golf tournament in the city I work in. This event had somewhere around 1200 volunteers to help it run smoothly. And I was one of them. I spent about 15 hours over the course of the lead-up and event on the Volunteer Services committee - I spent a couple of hours giving out volunteer packages and then I spent a full day in the volunteer headquarters checking people in and answering questions on the Pro-Am day that raised money for a local hospital. And then I ended things with a couple of hours on the volunteer appreciation day (but missed all the action because I wasn't scheduled to be in until well after all the fun stuff happened.) In all, it was an interesting experience. I'd volunteer again next year but I'd want to be out on the golf course because it was pretty isolated in headquarters. Oh, and I got a pretty snappy shirt out of the deal and was able to use my Community Spirit Day at work! All in all, a good experience.

New Thing 9: Triple my net worth

Paying down debt and saving and doing awesome stuff* are three goals that are in conflict. Don't even try to dispute it - if I'm paying down my debt, I can't be saving. If I'm saving, I can't be doing awesome stuff. And if I'm doing awesome stuff, I can't be paying down my debt. But, I can do a little bit of everything and in the end, my net worth should be higher than when I started. So, let's see if I can't triple my net worth from Day 1 to Day 1001. Doable? Should be!

How will I know I'm done? 
Well, my net worth will have tripled.  Lucky I have software to help me figure this out.

How am I doing?
So it turns out, while thinking about this, I should have actually checked what my net worth was when I started my 1001 days. Because I've already hit it sometime in April 2012 - turns out, the amount that comes off my paycheque into automatic savings makes a bigger difference than I thought so I have more than tripled my net worth already! 

*Awesome stuff is defined as travelling to exotic places.

Catching up on Thing 1's books - Book 7 and Book 8

So I've finished off a couple more books for Thing 1. But I've neglected to mention them! Book 7 was Danyal's recommendation of the Hunger Games and Book 8 was Savvy Reader's recommendation of the Family Fang.

Let's start with the Hunger Games. It was good, I liked it. But I'm not going to be rushing out to read the other two. I listened to an audio of this one and I find that the narrator can really make or break a book. This one, I went back and forth on - some of the voices she had for characters were really annoying but for the most part, she was pretty good. As far as the story goes - holy bizarre Batman! I'm somewhat concerned that this is such a huge hit when it's about pitting children against each other in a twisted battle to the death. But, in the end, it was a good book and it ended pretty much as I expected.

Now onto the Family Fang - also an audio and the narrator on this one was excellent. This was definitely one of the better books I've read this year - and I heard it's being turned into a movie so I'm looking forward to that. I can't really put my finger on what I liked so much because I wanted to punch the parents in the face for the majority of the book. But I like it.