Monday, July 2, 2012

New Thing 9: Triple my net worth

Paying down debt and saving and doing awesome stuff* are three goals that are in conflict. Don't even try to dispute it - if I'm paying down my debt, I can't be saving. If I'm saving, I can't be doing awesome stuff. And if I'm doing awesome stuff, I can't be paying down my debt. But, I can do a little bit of everything and in the end, my net worth should be higher than when I started. So, let's see if I can't triple my net worth from Day 1 to Day 1001. Doable? Should be!

How will I know I'm done? 
Well, my net worth will have tripled.  Lucky I have software to help me figure this out.

How am I doing?
So it turns out, while thinking about this, I should have actually checked what my net worth was when I started my 1001 days. Because I've already hit it sometime in April 2012 - turns out, the amount that comes off my paycheque into automatic savings makes a bigger difference than I thought so I have more than tripled my net worth already! 

*Awesome stuff is defined as travelling to exotic places.

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