Monday, August 6, 2012


Oh, look what I just discovered....

July 2012 Recap

Well, July wasn't a half-bad month!  I finished three Things - finding a go-to Thai place, making really good, authentic Alfredo from scratch and making jam from fruit I picked.  Oh. I've just noticed those are all food related.....

As for my ongoing Things...

  • I'm at 44 books on my TBR, so up one from last month but we picked more book club books this month
  • I've made some good progress on scanning my old school notes - I'm entirely done my PM certificate and my BA and am also done my arts classes from my BComm.  I'd say I'm about 1/3 of the way done.  Yes, the majority of my notes are from my BComm
  • Penny and I have walked 136.85 km
  • I've tried 43 new recipes
  • I've listened to 325 of the greatest songs ever
  • I finally read a couple of more chapters on how to use my Mac
  • I made zucchini relish, preserving the first of my three things
August probably won't be a good month - we're moving in two weeks so there is a lot of focus on packing now. Then there will be a lot of focus on painting. Then there will be a lot of focus on unpacking. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Go directly to jail. I mean Olive Tree Bistro

A couple of months ago, we got a flyer for a mediterranean place called Olive Tree Bistro that opened up around the corner from us (and within walking distance of our new house!) The flyer has been on the fridge, waiting for the urge for Greek food to strike but that didn't happen until yesterday. With packing for the move looming, I thought it would be best to procrastinate by going out for dinner so off we went. Turns out, the Olive Tree Bistro isn't really a sit-down place, it's more of a take-out or delivery place. So, we placed an order and waited until it was ready - I got the chicken souvlaki dinner and EDP got chicken shawarma.  

The souvlaki was excellent. The rice was delicious. The potatoes were awesome. The greek salad was fan-friggin-tastic. The food was better than the other mediterranean place around the other corner from us and it was so much cheaper. Hello, go-to Greek restaurant! There is one other Greek restaurant in Guelph that I wanted to try but it's pretty far away from us and this Olive Tree joint hit the nail right on the head so maybe we'll try it one day. But if I get a craving for Greek (and it's not the Greek food festival weekend - which has the best moussaka I've ever had), I'll be putting in an order at the Olive Tree.

And, now that I'm posting this, it's dawned on me that I decided on my go-to Thai place recently, too! We had tried a couple of places and each time, the first has still been my favourite. There was a place EDP wanted to try so I've refrained from declaring Sombat the Thai Guy the winner. But we made it to the other place and the pad thai there wasn't as good as at Sombat's. So Sombat the Thai Guy is now my go-to place for Thai. 

Now all that's left is a go-to Chinese food place!