Saturday, January 5, 2013

December 2012 Recap

Oh December...  What a busy month.  Though I got TWO Things done.  That seems like pretty good progress to me.

So what were they?  Well, I finally finished learning to use the Mac I bought well over a year ago.  And only a few months after a new operating system came out!  So now I have a new book to read for it.  Aside from how long it took me to get through the book, it did really help me figure things out.

The second Thing I did was try acupuncture. As expected, it wasn't really right for me. But it did remind me that we have massage coverage under EDP's benefits so one of my goals for 2013 is to max that out.

Now what about my other stuff?

  • My TBR went up slightly, as it always does in December.  When December finished, I was sitting at 41 books on it.  That means, to finish Thing 14, I need to read about 2 books a month off the pile, assuming it doesn't grow any more.  Sounds doable, right?  Let's hope so.
  • I've tried 67 new recipes - leaving me with 33 more to go to finish this off or just under 3 a month.  Also sounds doable.
  • I've started working on scanning my notes again.  I did a whole bunch of stuff the other day but none of it was notes but at least I'm back in the groove of scanning things.
  • I got an email from MapMyWalk the other day that said my last walk was in November so I don't think I've made any more progress on an extra 200 km with Penny.  I have just about 48 km left to go so I'll need to get an extra 4 km in a month to finish this off.  Totally doable.  
  • In addition to the tickets we have for the Hip in early February, we also have tickets now for Whitehorse is late February so that will finish off five concerts.  
  • I've listened to 386 songs from Rolling Stone's list of 500 Greatest Songs.  Only 10 songs a month or so to finish this off by the time my end date rolls around.
  • My December handwritten letters got done but I still have a few to catch up on.  I've got a little sticky with a few names and once they are done, I'm back on track.  Maybe that's a project for today while I scan notes & listen to songs.  
  • I've been keeping busy with donating rice and reading Wiki articles.  I'm at 136,000 grains of rice donated, an increase of 70,000 since my last update.  And I'm at 124 Wiki articles, an increase of 47 since my last update.  Not bad. 
  • I started reading the Bible, using a 1 year chronological plan.  So far, I'm on track with that.  I think I've discovered that a few books that Catholics consider part of the Bible are missing so I'll have to tack them on somewhere but if I stay on track, I'll be done in November.  
  • Square Mile exploring has commenced.  We're getting really good with the trails around our house and I can easily find my way to the library, LCBO, and a corner store - all within walking distance.  I need to make my map a bit bigger so that I can mark off the streets we know.  Or maybe find a map with the trails, that would also be good.  
  • I've picked a spot for my yearly photo along with a date & time to do it each month. 

Okay, I feel like I have a lot to accomplish in the next 12 months so I'm going to go do something.  Right now.  

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Ages and ages and ages ago (about a year, actually...) I bought a WagJag to try acupuncture.  I finally got around to booking the appointment and about two weeks ago, I had my first acupuncture session.

It was Japanese acupuncture, which is apparently isn't as in-depth as Chinese - the needles don't go in as far, which is good for someone afraid of needles.

I definitely felt really relaxed during the session and after but in retrospect, I think it was mostly because the acupuncturist put a giant heat lamp over my feet to keep them warm (heaven!!) I felt the same as I do coming out of a massage and I certainly enjoy massages more than I enjoyed having needles stuck all over me.  It was an interesting experience but I'm not really into the whole aura thing.

However, it did encourage me to avow not to waste the benefits coverage we have for massages so I have a massage booked at a spa very close to us and if I like the masseuse, I'm setting up a standing appointment.  So see, acupuncture does have very positive benefits.