101 Things

My Master List of Things - with links to details

1. Get a book recommendation from 9 different people (and actually read the book) (see more)
2. Spend a week with no computer or TV (see more)
3. Pay for someone's order behind me in line (see more)
4. Visit 4 provinces (see more)
5. Take a  photo of the same place every month for a year & turn it into a calendar for the next year (see more)
6. Send one handwritten a letter a month (see more)
7. See a Broadway play in New York (see more)
8. Learn to play the drums (see more)
9. Be debt free (see more) Triple my net worth (see more)
10. Explore my square mile (see more)
11. Digitize all my school notes (see more)
12. Walk 200 km with my dog (see more)
13. Finish the family scrapbook I started a few years ago (see more)
14. Get TBR down to 25 books and keep it under 30 for 3 months (see more)
15. Finish my Wreck This Journal (see more)
16. Buy myself a diamond ring from Tiffany's for my 30 birthday (see more)
17. Try 101 new recipes (see more)
18. Meet 10 new bookcrossers in person (see more)
19. Take some kind of "Home Maintenance/Repairs for Women" class (see more)
20. Contribute $10,000 to my TFSA (see more)
21. Complete the 50 Book Pledge (see more)
22. Talk to my mom every day for a month (see more)
23. Cook a turkey (see more)
24. Become a homeowner (see more)
25. Throw a housewarming party (see more)
26. Write my GRE (see more)
27. Wear my pj's for three days straight (see more)
28. Have a Harry Potter DVD marathon (see more)
29. Climb a volcano (see more)
30. Get an orchid and keep it alive for 6 months (see more)
31. Learn to use EDP's DSLR (see more)
32. Take a last minute vacation (see more)
33. Go to 5 concerts (see more)
34. Snorkel (see more)
35. Adopt 10 words (see more)
36. Don't eat out for a month (see more)
37. Teach my dog a cute trick (see more)
38. Take a patisserie course from Le Cordon Bleu (see more)
39. Finish a crossword puzzle with no help (see more)
40. Bake a delicious angel food cake from scratch (see more)
41. Ride a bicycle built for two (see more)
42. Assemble an emergency kit for the house (see more)
43. Listen to Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs (see more)
44. Take a picture of something that makes me happy every day for a month (see more)
45. Join a community garden (see more)
46. Donate a million grains of rice (see more)
47. Live 3 Tragically Hip lyrics (see more)
48. Make 10 microloans (see more)
49. Read the Old Testament (see more)
50. Read the New Testament (see more)
51. Read 1001 Wikipedia articles (see more)
52. Volunteer for 25 hours (see more)
53. Have breakfast at Tiffany's (see more)
54. Play squash at least once a week for 6 months (see more)
55. Get an academic letter of reference (see more)
56. Grow sunflowers (see more)
57. See the Northern Lights (see more)
58. Drink a beer (see more)
59. Take a bookbinding course (see more)
60. Bake a pie that isn't apple, peach or lemon meringue (see more)
61. Take a self-defense class (see more)
62. Make a really good, authentic alfredo from scratch (see more)
63. Get up when the alarm goes off every day for a week (see more)
64. Inspire/Encourage at least 1 other person to set up a 101 Things in 1001 Days list (see more)
65. Find a good Greek restaurant in Guelph (see more)
66. Find a good Chinese food restaurant in Guelph (see more)
67. Find a good Thai restaurant in Guelph (see more)
68. Teach my mom to text & tweet (see more)
69. Spend a day in the garden with my mom (see more)
70. Visit with my Gran at least once every 2 months (see more)
71. Go "camping" in the backyard with my dog (see more)
72. Go golfing with my dad (see more)
73. Make jam with fruit I pick (see more)
74. Go grocery shopping with EDP without saying "But it's on sale" or any variation of the phrase (see more)
75. Investigate new treatments for keratoconus (see more)
76. Private (see more)
77. Personal (see more)
78. Actually tell a random stranger I like their shoes instead of just thinking it (see more)
79. Participate in a 24-hour read-a-thon (see more)
80. Get really good at making soft pretzels (see more)
81. Go to a lecture at the Perimeter Institute (see more)
82. Get a Mac and learn how to use it (see more)
83. Start automatically backing up all the stuff on my computer (see more)
84. Have a proper guest room (see more)
85. Create a completely realistic exercise schedule (see more)
86. Stick to it for a month (see more)
87. Try acupuncture (getting it not doing it) (see more)
88. Go to the zoo (see more)
89. Research the history of my house (see more) Display Magnets (see more)
90. Sit my RCM Grade 8 piano exam (see more) Graduate (see more)
91. Preserve 3 things (see more)
92. Get rid of 101 things (see more)
93. Relax in a hot spring (see more)
94. Get a proper will (see more)
95. Vote in every election (see more)
96. Go to a drive-in (see more)
97. Turn my handwriting into a font (see more)
98. Bake sourdough bread (see more)
99. Try goat milk ice cream (see more)
100. Create my own book journal (see more)
101. Save $25 for every Thing finished, including Thing 101 (see more)