Things in Progress

4. Visit 4 provinces (see more)
6. Send one handwritten a letter a month (see more)
8. Learn to play the drums (see more)
10. Explore my square mile (see more)
11. Digitize all my school notes (see more)
12. Walk 200 km with my dog (see more)
14. Get TBR down to 25 books and keep it under 30 for 3 months (see more)
15. Finish my Wreck This Journal (see more)
17. Try 101 new recipes (see more)
20. Contribute $10,000 to my TFSA (see more)
33. Go to 5 concerts (see more)
40. Bake a delicious angel food cake from scratch (see more)
43. Listen to Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs (see more)
46. Donate a million grains of rice (see more)
51. Read 1001 Wikipedia articles (see more) 
66. Find a good Chinese food restaurant in Guelph (see more)
70. Visit with my Gran at least once every 2 months (see more)
86. Stick to it for a month (see more)
95. Vote in every election (see more)
101. Save $25 for every Thing finished, including Thing 101 (see more)